The Magic of Rainbows

15-minute Challenge: 4 to 7-year olds

Have you ever looked in the sky, seen a rainbow and wished you could have your own rainbow? Well now you can! Join us for this short 10-minute fun filled activity to find out how.

For this activity you will need some colourful sweets such as Skittles…… so not just science but sweets as well!

You will need:

  • Water
  • Plate (flat bottom is best)
  • Skittles and/or M and M’s

Lottie’s Vlog

The Mystery Tour

Between 35 – 45 minutes: 8 -11

We all do it…see water going down the sink or flushed down the toilet but have you asked yourself…what happens to that water? Well now you can find out.

Join us for a behind the scene tour of our water recycling centre at Chelmsford where we will let you into all the secrets! You can also take part in your own investigations to explore the hidden plastics in everyday wipes and the effect of cooking oil down the drain.

Investigation 1:

You will need:

  • bottles with lids or glasses all the same size.
  • Toilet paper
  • Wipes (baby, face, etc)

  • Flushable wipes

  • Water

Investigation 2:

You will need:

  • Cooking oil
  • Water in a cup or small bowl.

Electrifying Flight

Things have been flying around for ages. That’s how we go on our holidays far away and even eat some fruits that come from the tropical Amazon Rainforest! But now our planet needs us to electrify our aeroplanes, so that they are less dirty and smelly for the environment. Join us to learn how things fly and how we can make your paper planes go further and faster by electrifying them. Let’s make planes cleaner and greener for the future of Earth.

Resources you’ll need:

  • Paper and Scissors.

Optional materials (with adult supervision):

  • Cork, skewers, tape and post-it notes.

Rolls Royce - Build your own Trent 1000 Jet Engine

This session is linked to our Live session on 3D Printing of jet engine- you can view this at 3:30pm on the STEMtastic Live! website.

3D printing has been around for a while now but did you know that we use the technology to make parts of the Rolls-Royce jet engines? Join this session to learn a bit about 3D printing and to make your own 3D printed jet engine with a Rolls-Royce engineer!

Materials required:

· A4 3D printed jet engine activity sheet

· Cardboard box

· Scissors or craft knife

· Glue or glue stick

Caring for Donkeys with Vic Fiebelkorn

Meet Sarah and Olive the donkeys, at home with West Suffolk College’s scientist Vic Fiebelkorn. A half hour video presentation aimed at younger audiences, find out how to care for donkeys, what their favourite treats are, what they like to play with and much more.

PWC (Tech We Can)

We are proud to be part of the Tech She Can Charter.

The Tech We Can Mission

Inspire more children, particularly girls, to see the possibility that a job in technology can bring.

Our Lesson packs

· Demonstrate a breadth of tech careers

· Appeal to both genders

· Highlight female role models

· Link to the National Curriculum

· Improve Teacher skills and confidence

· Meet 6 out of 8 Gatsby benchmarks

Inspiring more children to consider a career in technology

To find out more and register visit our website.

Abbeygate Sixth Form College - We Love Science

Join students from Abbeygate Sixth Form for some fun and easy experiments you can do at home.

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