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My name is Andrew Corston and my role is to help make sure BT’s Applied Research department is enriched with a strong supply of new talent who will have prosperous and fulfilling STEM careers in our technology research department at BT’s global technology and research headquarters on the outskirts of Ipswich.

I really hope you find the personal information and advice and stories from our apprentice and graduates on STEM career searches and preparation helpful.   You will find all the videos of tips and help in preparing for a STEM career below.

All the videos are their own personal tips and advice to help you succeed in finding the role you really want and aspire to have – and we hope this will be with BT.   If you want to find out more about our current career opportunities at BT please search

Thank you for taking your time and trouble to read this.  I hope you will be inspired and believe  that there is a STEM related career for you, especially at BT and in its Applied Research department.”

Best wishes

Andrew Corston – new talent research strategy manager Applied Research at BT Adastral Park

Careers & Apprenticeships at Treatt

West Suffolk College's Amy Barr

Engineering CAD’ Virtual tasks which you can download and try for free at home. Which students can use their phones to measure and take virtual measurements to then translate onto CAD software to draw any 2D item in their home that they might be able to find?

West Suffolk College's Health, Science & Social Care

Find out more about Genetic Inheritance with our Health and Social Care team.

West Suffolk College's Computing

Find out how to create pixel art portraits. Further information can be found in our supporting materials.

West Suffolk College Food Science with Claire Watkins

Join the WSC Science team to find out about some different Kitchen Chemistry Experiments you can do at home. Please see our accompanying worksheets.

STEM Apprenticeships at West Suffolk College

Richard and Sam talk about some of the routes into STEM apprenticeships at West Suffolk College.

Cyberprevent – Making the right cyber choices

Cyber Choices is a programme delivered by the Regional/Local Cyber Choices Network, co-ordinated by the National Crime Agency. It aims to educate and inform about what the law says about the use of computers and to deter people from risking illegal activities. It encourages young people to use the wealth of resources that allow them to practise cyber interests ethically, build knowledge and expertise in fun ways and encourages them to consider a career in cyber, where there is a huge skills gap and high demand.

The OR Society – Lego workshop

Are you up to our Lego challenge? Help our Lego furniture factory work out how to maximise its profits. Should you use Lego to build them more tables, more chairs, or try a mixture of both? Plan carefully, you only have a certain number of bricks to work with! We’ll show you how to use maths and operational research to optimise your process by maximising your profit and minimising your costs.

To take part in our workshop you’ll need:

i. 6 rectangular (2dots by 4 dots) Lego bricks

ii. 8 square (2 dots by 2 dots) Lego bricks

iii. A pen or pencil

iv. Paper

Anglian Water's 10 Minute Challenge: 12 - 16 year olds

Fabulous Fluids – Liquid Layer Cake!

At Anglian Water, our job is all about liquids, especially water, so we would like to set you a challenge… to create layers of liquids in a jar.

Impossible, you say…. all the liquids will just mix… Well there lies the challenge although a mind for Chemistry will help. You will only need 10 minutes for us to set the challenge, but we’re sure you will want to spend longer to crack this challenge.

For this activity you will need a jar, water and a variety of different liquids from around the home.

Here are some suggestions of liquids to try:

a. Shampoo

b. Washing up liquid

c. White spirits/ methylated spirits /surgical spirits – (please take extra care using any of these liquids and ask the permission of an adult before you do).

d. Honey / maple syrup

e. Cooking oil (olive, vegetable, rape seed).

f. Baby oil

g. Nail varnish remover.

h. (If any of your liquids are the same colour you may want to add food colouring to some of them so you can see layers but remember the food colouring may not mix with them all

Lottie’s Vlog!

Anglian Water - Careers

PWC (Tech We Can)

We are proud to be part of the Tech She Can Charter.

The Tech We Can Mission

Inspire more children, particularly girls, to see the possibility that a job in technology can bring.

Our Lesson packs

· Demonstrate a breadth of tech careers

· Appeal to both genders

· Highlight female role models

· Link to the National Curriculum

· Improve Teacher skills and confidence

· Meet 6 out of 8 Gatsby benchmarks

Inspiring more children to consider a career in technology

To find out more and register visit our website.

How do we know the distances to stars and galaxies? (Key Stage 4 & 5)

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